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Shea Moloney

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Raised in southern New Hampshire, Shea Moloney found his interest in music at a young age. He started piano lessons at age six and continued for five years, but over the years he branched out to different genres and instruments on his own. He discovered his love of different styles of music, especially in acoustic and folk. Growing versatile in many different instruments, Shea found that he was grounded mainly in string and percussion instruments. From only knowing piano and drum sets, overtime Shea grew away from most pop culture music and explored to find exactly what made him happy and content. 

Through streaming and listening to different bands and artists, Shea interpreted different techniques and styles from many different musicians that would help him to create the songs that he has started and finished. Some particular bands that inspired him were The Oh Hellos, We Banjo 3, Tow’rs, The Lumineers, Talisk, and his personal favorite,

The East Pointers. 

Learning songs from the many albums of each band, especially The East Pointers, Shea taught himself rapidly in instruments like the tenor banjo, guitar, and mandolin and just through simply listening to the songs. He not only learned the songs, but used them to his advantage too. By taking a certain three seconds of a song, he could creating a whole piece of his own off of those three seconds. Despite struggling when it comes to reading music, Shea was still able to write and learn songs easily. 

When writing and recording songs, Shea found his inspiration from not only talented bands, but also in people in his own life, such has his brothers, cousins, parents, and friends. “When I write a song, I almost always have someone or something in mind when I’m writing it, and I try to show my relationship with it through the music,” says Shea. “I’ve always loved animals and nature as well, especially birds, and I’ve tried writing several songs inspired by them.” Shea also has had inspiration when writing songs from different cultures and  beliefs, especially Greek mythology. From all that inspires him, Shea continues to write music on his own as well as with people, hoping to inspire others to write as well and be proud of the work they've done.

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